Systems Strengthening Program

HEPS staff
HEPS-UGANDA staff at the strategic plan launch 2022

Through this programme, HEPS Uganda ensures that both internal and external systems are strengthened for a smooth implementation of all its projects.  The systems include but are not limited to infrastructure, human resources, monitoring and evaluation, operational procedures and systems, use of ICT, resource mobilization, membership recruitment, development, and involvement and partnerships with organizations working on similar issues.  Strengthening of these areas is critical in ensuring the successful implementation of HEPS projects and further growth as a professional organization.

The strategic objective of the Systems Strengthening Programme is to strengthen the capacity of HEPS-Uganda and its partners to meet the set objectives of the organization.

The specific objectives of the programme include:-

  • Strengthen HEPS-Uganda’s internal management systems, policies, and infrastructure.
  • Create an environment for continuous learning and improvement.
  • Initiate innovative resource mobilization approaches for the sustainability of HEPS-Uganda
  • Enhance the capacity of partner CBOs to run their organizations and understand the issues of health rights, health responsibilities, access to medicines, and advocacy.
  • Build Media alliances at all levels.