Protests as ARV drugs shortage hits Uganda

Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV) have raised concern over the shortage of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs in hospitals in the last six months, specifically the third-line treatment. https://www.monitor.co.ug/uganda/news/national/protests-as-arv-drugs-shortage-hits-uganda-3894584

Uganda’s 2,500 people living with HIV don’t have 3rd-line ARVS

According to statistics, Uganda has made significant progress in fighting HIV and AIDS much as the magnitude of the epidemic remains high.


Uganda’s milk is safe –  govt

The government has dismissed claims that milk on the Ugandan market is unsafe for human consumption, contrary to claims by some scientists.


UNAIDS calls for urgent global action as progress against HIV falters

“In 2021, there were 1.5 million new HIV infections and 650,000 AIDS-related deaths. This translates to 4,000 new HIV infections every day. “That’s 4,000 people who will need to be tested, started on treatment, avoid infecting their partners and stay on treatment for the rest of their lives. It also translates to 1,800 deaths every day due to AIDS, or one death every minute.”


WHO recommends long-acting cabotegravir for HIV prevention

New WHO guidelines advise countries to deliver long-acting cabotegravir as part of a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention


WHO calls on the global community to “do one thing” to save lives on World Drowning Prevention Day

More than 90% of drowning deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, with children under 5 being at the highest risk. These deaths are frequently linked to daily, routine activities, such as bathing, collecting water for domestic use, traveling over water on boats or ferries, and fishing. https://www.who.int/news/item/25-07-2022-who-calls-on-global-community-to--do-one-thing--to-save-lives-on-world-drowning-prevention-day

Migrant workers pay for Covid-19 certificates

Migrant workers are paying more than 100,000 Shillings to acquire COVID-19 vaccination certificates through agents at labor export companies and data entrants at certain vaccination sites across the country.


Covid in China: Million in lockdown in Wuhan after four cases

Almost one million people in a suburb of Wuhan - China's central city where the coronavirus was first recorded - have been locked down.


Viral hepatitis elimination: a challenge, but within reach

In 2019, HIV caused 0·7 million deaths, whereas hepatitis B and C combined caused 1·1 million deaths.