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Advocacy for better health was born out of the concern about inefficiencies in the health service delivery, and other weaknesses in the health system that negatively impact on quality, accessibility and availability of health and social services. Advocacy for better health is grounded in the belief that if citizen’s knowledge and awareness of their rights and responsibilities were increased to stimulate collective consciousness, and if the capacity of CSOs was built to effectively empower and represent communities, then citizens would believe and have confidence that they can hold their leaders accountable and influence them to change health and social policies in their favor.

This advocacy project advocates for better health in the cluster of Kiruhura and Ibanda Districts, as well as National level. It started in January 2015 and will implemented for 45 months starting. The overall goal of the project is to lead to improved quality, accessibility, and availability of health services in Uganda by fostering citizen demand and enhancing the capacity of CSOs to advocate for improved responsiveness and accountability by decision-makers and service providers.

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