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Since 2014, HEPS Uganda and other national level organizations have been involved in PEPFAR Country Operational Plan (COP) development processes and monitoring its implementation.

HEPS Uganda with support from the AIDS Vaccines Advocacy Coalition (AVAC) is implementing a Community Score Card (CSC) that integrates community accountability into PEPFAR Site Improvement Monitoring Systems (SIMS) in selected PEPFAR supported sites.

The hybrid model uses the latest SIMS data from the Uganda USAID Mission, HEPS identifies poor performing and best performing sites for cross learning and sharing for improvement of HIV services in high burden and high prevalence districts

The project uses a community score card to expand access to and use of SIMS data by integrating a community-based scorecard. The process therefore provides essential information and community feedback for improved management decision-making, allocations, and service delivery in health overall. The score card empowers communities to be able to hold duty bearers accountable when they measure the services received compared to the set health standards.

The Project supports Uganda PEPFAR coalition to use data driven advocacy to influence PEPFAR programming in Uganda to achieve epidemic control through PEPFAR data analysis and community monitoring using a scorecard that provides essential information and community feedback for improved management, decision-making, allocations, and delivery of HIV services through providing corrective actions platforms.

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