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The project aims at assessing the study participants’ vaccination knowledge and improvements.

The study will conduct pre-and post-intervention surveys.

  • The surveys will be conducted in-person and by phone and will collect demographic information of pregnant women and caregivers of children under five years.
  •  The survey will also ask questions that assess respondents’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAPs) of/towards seeking vaccination services especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. Customized baby soap along with the packaging that includes health information messaging and an interactive version of the national vaccination schedule will be developed, pilot tested, and distributed to 414 consenting study participants in total in 2 intervention sub-counties.

Some soap will be distributed through two  Health Centre IIIs and some will be delivered to participating households in two sub-counties in the recruitment areas.

The location of the post-intervention surveys will depend on the route of soap distribution.

The number of caregivers seeking vaccination services and the number of children who receive any dose of vaccination before and during the intervention period will be obtained from two participating health facilities and two non-participating health facilities for comparative purposes.

The two non-intervention health facilities will serve as a control. Pre and post-intervention KAPs surveys will also be conducted among pregnant women and caregivers of children under five in two intervention and two control sub-counties for comparative purposes.

The study will also conduct Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informant interviews on vaccination services in both intervention and non-intervention sub-counties to triangulate the data collected.

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