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The Health Systems for Advocacy Partnership (HSAP) is implemented by Amref Health Africa, the African Centre for Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST) and Health Action International represented by HEPS Uganda. The HSA partnership will be operating at National and district/community level. Six districts have been earmarked: Soroti, Serere (Eastern Uganda), Dokolo, Lira, (Northern Uganda), and Kabale and Kisoro (South Western Uganda).The overall goal of the HSA Partnership in Uganda is to enable communities to realize their right to the highest attainable sexual and reproductive health, crucial for equitable, sustainable and economic development. In order to achieve the above goal, the HSA Partnership aims at creating space and strengthening civil society to engage effectively with the national and district governments, the private sector and other stakeholders accountable for health systems, to deliver equitable, accessible and high-quality SRHR services.  It is envisioned that the individual partners bring into the programme specific competencies and experience that would in turn be harnessed to achieve the HSAP programme goal of achieving improved SRHR through strengthened health systems.

The roles of the HSAP partners in Uganda is informed by the HSAP Programme Document and Theory of Change (ToC). There are three interconnected issues of accountability, policy implementation and empowerment that are expected to bring about change. Creation of a space within which community members and health staff can meet is one of the key strategies to be used to achieve the objectives.

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