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Malaria remains biggest single cause of illness and death in Uganda. Yearly, 16 million Ugandans are affected by the disease, and children are most at risk. Nowadays, Rapid Diagnostic Tests are available to test malaria. These tests are accurate, user-friendly, and cost-effective and can even be used at home! Despite all these benefits, the tests are not always used and malaria is not always treated effectively.

It is from this background, that HEPS Uganda is partnering with Trac FM in their Common Matters program. We aim to discover the practices and attitudes of Ugandans regarding the use of rapid diagnostic tests of Malaria, by running opinion polls on 9 radio stations in Uganda. Through the Trac FM software platform, radio listeners get involved by voting on poll questions through SMS and by listening to debates. The outcomes of these poll questions will inform discussions with duty bearers and experts. Stay tuned for the results of the first poll question! Please follow this link to take part!

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