HEPS and partners launch the Stop Tetanus Campaign

This campaign is inspired by the recurrent preventable deaths resulting from Tetanus despite the government's tireless vaccination efforts against the disease.


Great Initiative: HEPS-Uganda & Partners Launch ‘Stop Tetanus Awareness Campaign’ To Curb Escalating Deaths

The ‘Stop Tetanus Awareness Campaign’ aims to create public awareness of Tetanus, and mobilize funds and resources towards supporting Tetanus patients and survivors to prevent deaths, missed opportunities, and unnecessary financial burdens.


WHO calls for urgent action by countries for achieving Medication Without Harm

Globally, half of all preventable harm in medical care is medication related, a quarter of which is severe or life-threatening.


Uganda's transplant revolution brings hope to thousands

Uganda's parliament is scrutinizing a proposed law enabling organ transplants to happen in the country for the first time, transforming the lives of thousands hoping for operations.


WHO warns of future waves of COVID-19 infection as deaths drop

According to the WHO, during the week of Sept. 5-11, the number of new weekly cases worldwide decreased by 28 percent over the previous week to over 3.1 million. The number of new weekly deaths was down 22 percent to just under 11,000.


Fact Check: No, the sun does not cause global warming

 The sun does not cause global warming; it is only responsible for maintaining life and providing the perfect balance.


WHO Europe urges countries to take long COVID seriously

With millions of people likely to be affected by the aftereffects of contracting COVID during the pandemic “for years to come,” WHO urged countries in the region to “take the post-COVID-19 condition seriously by urgently investing in research, recovery, and rehabilitation.”


Cancer burden to rise by 40 percent in 2030

The burden of cancers in Uganda will increase by around 40 percent in 2030 due to changes in risk factors and population growth, researchers at the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) have warned.


Mother’s death births desire for nutrition

Ivan Phillip Baguma volunteered at Nakasero Hospital where he gained knowledge and skills in operating in a clinical setting, and how to manage patients who are already ill or even sometimes dying.


How extortion syndicates hijacked Mbale hospital

Only 30% of the patients who seek healthcare in government health facilities are satisfied with the services. This is a testament that the country is falling short of the international standards for patient safety.