About us

Registered as an NGO in November 2000, the Coalition for Health promotion and Social Development (HEPS– Uganda) is a health and human rights organization that advocates   for health rights and health responsibilities of Ugandans especially giving voice to the poor and vulnerable men, women, children, elderly etc.

HEPS Uganda has a special focus on working to increase access to essential medicines and rational use of medicines. HEPS Uganda works at national/ local government and at community level to reach out to the most vulnerable people in society.

Currently HEPS Uganda is operating in 16 Districts across Uganda implementing several social accountability projects for better health. Read more about out current and previous interventions


A just and fair society in which all Ugandans (irrespective of gender, age, religion, physical well-being or socio-economic status) can exercise their health rights and health responsibilities.


To ensure equitable access to health services with special focus on access to essential medicines through  empowering communities and health policy advocacy for a health system that meets the needs of Ugandans.


Mutual Respect






Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Advocate for health consumer friendly laws, policies and health packages and their implementation at all levels in Uganda.

Objective 2

Empower health consumers in Uganda with knowledge and skills to claim their right to health and exercise their health responsibilities

Objective 3

Strengthen the capacity of HEPS-Uganda and civil society partners to meet her set objectives

Core Programs

Health Policy Advocacy:

HEPS advocates for consumer-friendly health and health related laws and policies at all levels through policy analysis, influence policy formulation and monitor & evaluate its implementation. Efforts target research and dissemination of consumer focused healthcare information to government, media and other stakeholders – read more

Community Empowerment:

This educates and empowers health care consumers with knowledge about their health rights and responsibilities, and also imparts skills to claim their health rights and responsibilities. HEPS employs various social accountability methodologies to achieve this objective. Read more

System strengthening:

HEPS ensures that both her internal and external systems are strengthened to ensure a smooth implementation of its strategic plan and so as to offer high quality services and products. Read