28 Feb, 2022

Young women prefer vaginal rings to a daily oral pills for HIV prevention

 By the East African;

Given the choice between a monthly vaginal ring and daily oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) a course of HIV drugs taken by HIV-negative people to protect them against HIV infection, young African women overwhelmingly chose the ring.


Life may actually flash before your eyes on death - new study


New data from a scientific "accident" has suggested that life may actually flash before our eyes as we die.


 A well-balanced diet is key in HIV management

By Daily Monitor;

Because your body uses nutrients to keep up its defenses against germs, eating well can help you fight off infections


Seven-week gap advised for elective surgery after Omicron


Despite a backlog of routine operations, NHS hospitals are being advised to delay elective surgical procedures by at least seven weeks if a patient has just had Omicron.

UK experts say it is a precaution since the first couple of months following infection is a riskier period, linked to poorer postoperative recovery.


More than half of parents and pregnant women exposed to aggressive formula milk marketing – WHO, UNICEF


New report details exploitative practices employed by $55 billion formula industry, compromising child nutrition, violating international commitments


 A plastic treaty would be historic for the planet: UNEP chief

By The East African;

The world has a rare opportunity to clean up the planet for future generations by uniting behind an ambitious treaty to tackle plastic trash, the UN environment chief told AFP.


 New sickle cell treatment is given to first patients in England

 By BBC;

Sickle cell patients have begun receiving the first new treatment for the blood disorder in over 20 years. The inherited condition can cause severe pain and organ failure, often requiring hospital admissions


What are the chances of getting pregnant after 45?

By Daily Monitor;

Women are born with a fixed number of eggs, (about one million) and at puberty, only about half of these are viable or destined to make a baby.


Moving forward on goal to boost local pharmaceutical production, WHO establishes global biomanufacturing training hub in the Republic of Korea

 By WHO;

The Government of the Republic of Korea has offered a large facility outside Seoul that is already carrying out biomanufacturing training for companies based in the country and will now expand its operations to accommodate trainees from other countries. 


Chinese scientists say new highly accurate virus test gives results within minutes

 By New Vision;

Chinese scientists say they have developed a new coronavirus test that is as accurate as a PCR lab test but gives results within four minutes. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are widely considered the most accurate and sensitive for the virus that causes Covid-19, but they usually take several hours.