Global Health Security Tops HEPS-Uganda’s 2022 Agenda 

Global Health Security is HEPS - Uganda’s main focus area in 2022. The focus on Global Health Security comes at a time when Uganda and the whole world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects.


Brazil confirms first two cases of Deltacron coronavirus variant

Brazil has confirmed two cases of infection with the new Deltacron variant of the coronavirus, which combines genetic characteristics of the Delta and Omicron variants 


 A rise in antibiotic resistance has health officials worried

Health experts in Uganda have warned that the country is registering worrying increases in death and cost of healthcare because of drug-resistant infections.


Influenza Type-A and B hits Wakiso schools

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the spike in cases of flu-like symptoms amongst learners in most schools is a result of an outbreak of the seasonal Influenza Type-A and Type-B, and not COVID-19.


'Dangerous' tanning products promoted by influencers

Dozens of social-media influencers are promoting banned tanning products to millions of followers, a BBC News investigation has found.


Behaviors that can cause low sperm count and quality

There are a wide variety of risk factors that could potentially influence sperm quality. These include lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, use of illicit drugs, obesity, psychological stress, diet, and caffeine intake https://www.monitor.co.ug/uganda/magazines/healthy-living/behaviours-that-can-cause-low-sperm-count-and-quality-3746540

Global COVID-19 cases on rise again despite reduced testing: WHO

WHO says cases are especially on the rise in parts of Asia, urging for vaccination coverage to be extended and caution to be exercised in lifting pandemic response measures


Covid vaccine: India starts jabs for 12- to 14-year-olds

India has begun giving the coronavirus vaccine to children aged between 12 and 14 years, weeks after it reopened schools. The new group will be administered Corbevax, the country's third homegrown vaccine.


Heatwaves new threat to urban populations

Global warming and heatwaves could make heavily populated urban areas increasingly hard to live in, new research shows.


Even Mild COVID-19 May Lead to Long-Term Mental Health Issues

New research shows that having—and surviving—a bout of COVID-19 can lead to various mental health disorders up to a year after infection. 


Tanzania stops use of Mara River water over pollution fears

It has also banned fishing and any other use of the water as a team of experts investigates the cause of the pollution, which has resulted in the river having a foul smell and caused the death of fish.