COVID-19 Vaccines Mixing and Matching: What Everyone Needs to Know

To bridge this information gap, Uganda’s Ministry of Health has guided on the mix and matching of Covid vaccines; detailing which vaccines can be mixed and the interval between the doses. These guidelines are accessible from the heps.or.ug 


Africa concerned over the market for its COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers

By the Independent; 

The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) has expressed its concern over the lack of market for African COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.


Fortunes of city shisha smokers go up in the cloud

By Daily Monitor; 

Smoking shisha in public lands offenders a six-month jail term or an equivalent of Shs190,000 fine for an individual and Shs480,000 for a bar or both 


A combination of anti-HIV antibody infusion suppresses the virus for a prolonged period 

By National Institute of Allergy and infectious disease; 

Individuals with HIV who began taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the early stages of infection achieved a lengthy period of HIV suppression without ART after receiving two broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibodies (bNAbs), according to a small study. The findings suggest that combination bNAb therapy might offer a future alternative to daily ART for people living with HIV.


Monkeypox infections rise as guidance advises cases to abstain from sex

By BBC; 

The new guidance is advising anyone with the virus to abstain from sex while they have symptoms. In total, 172 cases have been confirmed in England, with four in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland, and one in Wales.


New discoveries could lead to highly effective ways to treat influenza

The current work has identified a way to prevent Influenza B virus replication by blocking this necessary human protein. Without the protein, virus amplification is blocked completely in cells.


WHO raises alarm on tobacco industry environmental impact

By WHO; 

Every year the tobacco industry costs the world more than 8 million human lives, 600 million trees, 200 000 hectares of land, 22 billion tonnes of water, and 84 million tonnes of CO2.  


Access to markets a better remedy for child malnutrition in Africa

By The East African; 

 "Not only too little food but also a diet that is too one-sided can have serious negative health consequences. A varied diet is thus an important means of preventing malnutrition.”


Allied health workers call off industrial action 


The Allied Health workers have agreed to return to work, following a lengthy meeting with government officials over salary reforms. Approximately 30,000 allied health workers in Uganda downed their tools on the 16th of May in protest against a planned salary reform that would reaffirm pay disparities between different health professions.


Gov’t turns to private health providers to salvage high vaccine stocks

By The Independent; 

Over 30 private health facilities in Kampala and dozens of others in the countryside have expressed interest in offering COVID-19 vaccination, heeding a call for help by the Ministry of Health (MOH) some weeks ago to salvage vaccines that are on a verge of expiry in stores with uptake recently slowing.