Government reinstates debate on vaccination of children

By Daily Monitor; 

The Ministry of Health has indicated that discussions are still underway to roll out a mass vaccination program targeting all schoolgoing children as the ministry signals the return of Covid-19.


Ugandans decode kidney disease gene in Africans

By Daily Monitor; 

Researchers at Makerere University and Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) have said they discovered two gene variants that increase the risk of developing kidney disease among Africans


Palliative care providers want services extended to communities

By Newvision; 

This specialized care is for people living with life-threatening diseases such as chronic diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and chronic respiratory disease among others. The country Director Palliative Care Association of Uganda, Mark Donald Mwesigwa said that the government should not only opt to offer healthcare services to patients in health facilities but also reach out to the communities.


COVID-19: PWDs demand special inoculation centers

By The Independent; 

Leaders of Persons with Disabilities-PWDs in the Mukono district want the government to consider creating special inoculation centers for their members for the second and booster COVID-19 doses.


Young people advocate for the national AIDS trust fund 

By Health Journalists Network Uganda; 

Despite the significant progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS that Uganda has achieved,  over 1.4 people are still living with the virus and 1.2 million others are on treatment. UNAIDS estimates put HIV prevalence at 6.8 percent out of which 7.1 percent among women and 4.3 for men.


Worried About Which COVID-19 Vaccine is Better? Study Finds Getting Three Doses is Key

By Healthline; 

Three doses of any combination of COVID-19 vaccines work similarly well at preventing infection and hospitalization, research shows. With the appearance of the Omicron variants, three doses offer stronger protection than two doses.


WHO is supporting African countries to strengthen monkeypox surveillance and response actions


Seven African countries have reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 1400 monkeypox cases so far this year. “We must work together and have joined-up global actions which include Africa’s experience, expertise, and needs. 


The first lady welcomes china’s donation of 5 million doses of covid-19 vaccines

By UBC; 

The donation, which is an addition to the previous batches of 1.6 million doses of Sinovac vaccines delivered to the country early last year, will be delivered quarterly this year 2022. The first doses were used to vaccinate teachers ahead of the school re-opening and the target groups of people 18 and above years of age. 


Why mental health is a priority for action on climate change

 By WHO; 

“The impacts of climate change are increasingly part of our daily lives, and there is very little dedicated mental health support available for people and communities dealing with climate-related hazards and long-term risk,” said Dr. Maria Neira, Director of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health at WHO 


District leaders urge vigilance as Covid cases shoot up again

By Daily Monitor; 

The cases being reported are higher than the average of 10 cases or below that were being reported per day since January 2022.


State House clears Mubende hospital of kidney harvesting allegations

By The Observer; 

This follows investigations into allegations that the hospital had illegally removed a kidney from Peragiya Mulajijimaana, 20, a resident of Lwemiggo village in Mubende district who had gone for an operation to remove the uterus due to persistent bleeding.