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Male Contraceptive Pill Found 99% Effective in Mice

A persistent question about future male contraceptive pills has been whether women will trust men to use them. 

Health Rights Action (HeAR) Project Mbarara District, Uganda 2012-2014

The “Health Rights Action (HEAR) Project” is a social accountability project which HEPS Uganda – the Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development implemented in Rwampara county and Mbarara municipality, Mbarara district. The project commenced in December 2011 and was implemented for two years with funding from Independent Development Fund (IDF).

HeAR project had three objectives:

  1. To increase the capacity of 25 community-based organisations (CBOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and other non-state groups and clubs championing issues of women, youth and persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the target areas, to serve as advocates for the right to health in their localities.
  2. To increase visibility and voices of 25 CBOs and groups representing health rights and responsibilities at community, sub- county and district levels, and their knowledge of health rights and health responsibilities.
  3. To establish/strengthen a feedback and communication mechanism that promotes mutually respective relationship be- tween health service consumers and health service providers in order to increase quality of health service delivery at all health centre IIIs and health centre IVs in the target communities in Mbarara district.

This report summarises the findings of the end-of-project evaluation, which among other things, attempted to establish the extent to which the three objective set for the project had been achieved. Data was collected through focused group discus- sions (FGDs) with local groups in the parishes targeted by the project; individual interviews with district officials, representa- tives of partner organisations, and with project staff at HEPS-Uganda as well as with staff in-charge of the administration of the grant at IDF.